What’s In for Fall at the Hair Salon?

If you’re headed to the hair salon this fall, and want a style that’s all the rage, you’ll definitely want to consider talking to your hair salon Davie FL about a falling leaves color melt or balayage. While this may sound like a child’s art project, rest assured—it isn’t. Instead it’s among the most requested color options on clients with chin length hair or longer this season.

So what is a color melt or balayage? It’s a hair color method that—when the colors grow out—appear natural, and don’t develop an obvious root. Created in Paris back in the 1970s, the process is just recently taking hold as a popular style in the United States. The word itself means “to sweep” and is indicative of the way the colors are applied to a client’s hair. The colors are painted on the hair by steady, skilled hands, using a sweeping motion. The color is applied lightly at the base and heavily at the tip.

This fall, stylists are applying a color melt (balayage) in rich, vibrant fall colors, reminiscent of fall foliage. Those not wishing to be quite so bold are opting for a range of caramel colors.

Do note that this process takes quite a while to perform. You won’t be in and out of the salon in an hour, so plan the day of your appointment accordingly. It’s well worth every second spent there, however, as you’ll emerge with a healthy, shiny style that reflects light and exudes a sense of sexy, classy style.

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