The Best Time of the Week to Get Your Hair Done

If hair appointments are a regular part of your routine, you’ve probably been faced with a crowded hair salon Davie FL when you arrive.  If the stylist has run into an unforeseen issue with another customer, he/she may not be ready for your appointment.  With some creative thinking, you may be able to avoid this.

Week Day for a Hair Salon Davie FL Appointment

Many of us have to work Monday through Friday, and find it difficult to get our hair styled during the week.  Unfortunately this may be the best time to visit your hair salon Davie FL.  Most people are also at work, so chances are your appointment would go faster with fewer clients waiting.  If you have some flex-time you may be able to extend your lunch hour, or leave a little early.


If you have no alternative other than a weekend appointment at a hair salon Davie FL, you could try to be the first one your stylist sees in the morning.  Another great option is to find out when your stylist takes his/her lunch, and book the first appointment afterward.

Strategy Pays Off

Planning ahead can sometimes be well worth it.  Think outside the box, and you just may find you’ll be able to get in and out of your appointments more quickly.

Contact us today for an appointment at our hair salon Davie FL. We are ready to help you get your hair done any time of the week. We can help you choose a time that fits into your schedule.

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