Skin Facials – When To Schedule Your Appointment

Skin facials are an integral part of your overall skincare regimen, as they offer your facial skin the deep cleaning you can’t get done in your own bathroom. As for timing, you choose what time works best for you. However, you should never schedule your facial appointment before heading to the gym or yoga studio. Working out after a facial is never recommended. However, timing does matter regarding post-facial care to take.

Early a.m. skin facials Davie FL offers in salons will let you glow all day long! Facials in the evening time are a great send off to relaxation and blissful slumber for an amazing morning.

If you opt for an early morning appointment time for your facial, go in with a bare face. You can apply your makeup following the treatment.

When you schedule a hair salon Davie FL facial appointment for a time later in the day, you don’t need to do any of your typical nighttime skin care. Instead, just relax and get a great night sleep. Resume your normal skin care routine the next day. Many people claim makeup applied post-facial will sit better than any other day. You will want to remove the makeup from your face in the evening though.

If your typical skin care routine includes any harsh exfoliates or peels, go ahead and skip them for a week or so. Same thing for retinol facial products. Your aesthetician will be able to give you the best advice regarding your personal skin care.

Getting a great facial is essential for your spring break and summer look, and is about as good as a vacation on its own! If you are ready to shed your face’s ‘winter skin,’ then go ahead and schedule an appointment for a time that works best for you with your favorite hair salon in Davie FL.

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