The Colors That Are Rocking Hair In 2017

No longer just found in the big box of Crayola crayons—beautiful simmering iridescent and dark bold colors are being seen more and more in people’s hair at hair salon Davie FL. No longer is brown, blonde, black and red the focus of hair color hues.

Hot Colors in 2017 for Young to Old

In 2017—pearlescent, blorange, Millennial pink and hues combining amethyst, navy and mermaid blue have taken over the hair scene at hair salon Davie FL. From teenagers to grandmas, these new looks are hot and in demand coast to coast!

Some are opting for lavender roots or the overgrown roots look, while other girls and ladies are asking for blended ombres, color bleeding and having their hair ends dipped in their favorite unconventional color—just to achieve the hair look they dream of rocking this year at our hair salon Davie FL.

The pearlescent hair color gives a glossy, cool finish to the hair and works on numerous shades of blonde—all the way from platinum to gold. Blorange takes the unnatural stand of mixing orange into the hair that turns into a shade which is reflective of a shade between ginger and blonde. And it is gorgeous when done at our hair salon Davie FL! Millennial pink, which can only be described as pretty petal pink, is the color of the year and is being seen on everything from kitchen appliances to hair color and is most definitely a favorite among teenagers.

The gray-blonde color style is a hybrid that is bold and eye-catching. The roots are dark (almost black) and the hair is colored with a phenomenal glossy shade of attractive gray-blonde. Yes, women are purposely dying their hair gray nowadays at hair salon Davie FL!

Hair Colors to Make Your Personality Pop

Other looks hot in demand are the mix and blending of different colors at hair salon Davie FL, including amethyst/navy, mermaid blue, ash, snow white, two-sided bronde, goth brown, crimson, gray-blonde, jade and peach. Don’t settle for last year’s look—get into the hair salon Davie FL today to get your favorite color in your hair.



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