How Often Should You Color Your Hair?

When the inspiration to change your hair color hits, so does a brand new look for your head. New colors and hairstyles are exciting and fun!

However, you may not be as pleased with your new hair color as you imagined. If this is the case, you need to know how long to wait before trying a second time. Then again, you may love your new color and are just wondering how long you will need to live with the roots before you can refresh your look.

The Wait for Color

Professional hair color stylists and hair color manufacturers typically recommend a period of four to eight weeks between colorings.

Why Wait?

The number one reason to hold off before putting another dose of color on your head is because of the chemical process. The harsh chemicals are not good for the hair and may subject your hair to a number of negative effects. Split ends, hair breakage, outer layer damage, hair shaft damage, dry strands, brittle hair, loss of shine, and frizzy locks are all results of too many harsh chemicals. No matter how great your color looks, if it is dull and damaged, then it really doesn’t matter, does it?

Hair Accessories

If you have damaged your hair from coloring or other chemical exposure, the best way to recover from the damage is to give it a frequent deep conditioning. There are a number of deep conditioners you can apply every few days to get your hair back to that healthy shine. Using coconut oil to wash your hair is another way to give your damaged hair the nutrients necessary for repair.

Time to Color

The strength of your hair will dictate how long you must wait in between hair colorings. If you have strong hair, four to six weeks wait time will be the general safe rule to avoid hair damage. For those with brittle or weak hair, waiting the full seven to eight weeks is highly recommended to ensure the best overall look and health of the hair after adding color. It is harder and more damaging to go lighter than darker. In most cases, people with strong hair going darker will be fine recoloring before the standard four week period.

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