Best Hairstyles for People with Round Faces Part 1


If you have a round face, you know how hard it can be to not look as though you’ve gained a few pounds too many. The good news is that you can elongate your face easily by just changing up your hair. The following are 10 hairstyles for people with a round face.

Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hair Salon Davie FL recommends the following hairstyles with a round face.

#1: Braid Around the Forehead

Leaving your hair down around your face is a great way to make your face look longer, but you probably want something a little more from it. What you can do is take a bunch of hair from the back, braid it and bring it across your forehead. Just use some bobby pins to secure it in the back. This is super cute and uses your hair as a headband.

#2: Part It More

You may be parting your hair in the middle, but try parting it more over. So do a deep part where it’s close to your left or right ear. That way the hair will fall over your forehead a little more. By hiding your face a little this way, you’ll be able to hide some of that beautiful round face.

#3: Pull It Back

Pull your hair back will make your face look longer. Just bring some of your hair down around your face, though. This will had some beauty to it, instead of just having it sleeked back. You can play with parting it to the side, curling the ends, or just parting it in the middle and leaving it down around your face.

#4: Fringe It

You can ask your hair salon Davie FL to fringe cut your hair. This will give you a trendy, edgy style that works perfectly for people with a round face. You can even add thick bangs to hide the forehead which will help out even more.

#5: Straighten It

When you straighten your hair, your face will become longer with your hair. Just use a straightener and be sure to part it on the side or in the middle.

Check out our part 2 of this blog for more hairstyles for people with round faces. Thank you reading our hair salon Davie FL blog post.

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