The Hottest Hairstyles for Spring


Looking for a new hairstyle? These may be perfect for you.

The Shag

2017’s hottest spring haircut is none other than the modern shag haircut. Shags work for short, medium, long, fine, curly, thick, fine, and straight hair alike; all boasting their own unique appeal making it a fantastic pick for anyone with any type of hair. In today’s day and age, layered and uneven length hair rule stylist’s requests as very few women want to keep up with the perfecting demands of a one-layer style. The shag haircut is modern and shapely, and is easy to style and maintain. Since there are so many options, talk to your stylist about the right shag cut to compliment your face shape and personal taste. The hot shag hairstyle is great to wear all year! It will take you straight into summer and be ready for color changeups in fall.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights will make a comeback as one of the hottest hairstyle trends of spring 2017! This coloring technique first used in the 1970’s differs from traditional cap highlighting or foiling, as each highlight is applied by hand-painting. Ombre balayage is one particular style where the hand painted golden locks blends in with the darker hair underneath to give a sun-kissed, warm, natural appearance. This hot hairstyle will once again be all the rage since it is versatile and looks great on every style from pixie crops and bobs to super long, wavy manes. Check out Elle Magazine’s celebrity balayage layout from this past January featuring Gina Rodriguez, Halle Berry, and Chrissy Teigen.

Long Bangs / Eye – Length Fringe

Are you looking for a hot new style but are afraid of doing anything drastic? Does the thought of chopping too much hair off make you cringe? Well, no worries! If your hesitation is holding you up, opt for a small cut to get an entirely different look. Go for long bangs, with the tips fringing at the eye line. You can even mix it up, and ask your stylist to give you a healthy mixture of long and short pieces. No matter your hair type or texture, this new ‘banging’ 2017 hairstyle will be seen among females young and old this spring break.

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Skin Facials – When To Schedule Your Appointment


Skin facials are an integral part of your overall skincare regimen, as they offer your facial skin the deep cleaning you can’t get done in your own bathroom. As for timing, you choose what time works best for you. However, you should never schedule your facial appointment before heading to the gym or yoga studio. Working out after a facial is never recommended. However, timing does matter regarding post-facial care to take.

Early a.m. skin facials Davie FL offers in salons will let you glow all day long! Facials in the evening time are a great send off to relaxation and blissful slumber for an amazing morning.

If you opt for an early morning appointment time for your facial, go in with a bare face. You can apply your makeup following the treatment.

When you schedule a hair salon Davie FL facial appointment for a time later in the day, you don’t need to do any of your typical nighttime skin care. Instead, just relax and get a great night sleep. Resume your normal skin care routine the next day. Many people claim makeup applied post-facial will sit better than any other day. You will want to remove the makeup from your face in the evening though.

If your typical skin care routine includes any harsh exfoliates or peels, go ahead and skip them for a week or so. Same thing for retinol facial products. Your aesthetician will be able to give you the best advice regarding your personal skin care.

Getting a great facial is essential for your spring break and summer look, and is about as good as a vacation on its own! If you are ready to shed your face’s ‘winter skin,’ then go ahead and schedule an appointment for a time that works best for you with your favorite hair salon in Davie FL.

How Often Should You Color Your Hair?


When the inspiration to change your hair color hits, so does a brand new look for your head. New colors and hairstyles are exciting and fun!

However, you may not be as pleased with your new hair color as you imagined. If this is the case, you need to know how long to wait before trying a second time. Then again, you may love your new color and are just wondering how long you will need to live with the roots before you can refresh your look.

The Wait for Color

Professional hair color stylists and hair color manufacturers typically recommend a period of four to eight weeks between colorings.

Why Wait?

The number one reason to hold off before putting another dose of color on your head is because of the chemical process. The harsh chemicals are not good for the hair and may subject your hair to a number of negative effects. Split ends, hair breakage, outer layer damage, hair shaft damage, dry strands, brittle hair, loss of shine, and frizzy locks are all results of too many harsh chemicals. No matter how great your color looks, if it is dull and damaged, then it really doesn’t matter, does it?

Hair Accessories

If you have damaged your hair from coloring or other chemical exposure, the best way to recover from the damage is to give it a frequent deep conditioning. There are a number of deep conditioners you can apply every few days to get your hair back to that healthy shine. Using coconut oil to wash your hair is another way to give your damaged hair the nutrients necessary for repair.

Time to Color

The strength of your hair will dictate how long you must wait in between hair colorings. If you have strong hair, four to six weeks wait time will be the general safe rule to avoid hair damage. For those with brittle or weak hair, waiting the full seven to eight weeks is highly recommended to ensure the best overall look and health of the hair after adding color. It is harder and more damaging to go lighter than darker. In most cases, people with strong hair going darker will be fine recoloring before the standard four week period.

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Regular Beauty Appointments Increase Confidence


There’s no denying how beautiful you feel after getting your hair and nails done. You walk out looking fresh and brand new. This feeling is short lived though, as you probably already know.

When you first walk out of the salon, everyone notices, and they all say how good you look. You feel so great because people around you are noticing and you don’t think you look half bad yourself.

As more people see you and exclaim about your beauty, you will start to see that the complements start slowing down. People have seen you, and the newness of it all has worn off. Slowly, that feeling you had when you walked out of the salon diminishes. You don’t feel as beautiful as you did before. Reality sets in, and you’re bad to the same old.

It’s likely that when you first headed out of the salon, your confidence was high. You knew you looked beautiful and that boost in confidence helped you do more in life. You probably felt much more awake and happy. You were as afraid to approach people and new opportunities. It was all because of the confidence you got from your hair salon appointment.

Instead of letting your confidence dwindle into nothing, you could set up regular hair salon appointments. These regular appointments will ensure that you continue to look your best, and get those compliments coming in on the regular. That’s what will keep your confidence up high., so you can feel great throughout the month.

Now that you now realize how your hair salon appointments boost confidence, isn’t it about time you make an appointment? Call us today, so we make you look and feel fabulous.

Full Service Salon Davie FL


People often think of hair as an accessory. Personally, I do.

The style, color and length add flavor to a person’s appearance.  Most people are conscientious about their appearance and spend a lot of effort in perfecting it. It can define a personality for a person.  Insert a hair salon into the picture. Finding a great stylist is a must, but sometimes it is hard to find a stylist that is open to new ideas and does not provide a “cookie cutter” service.

I am always in search of a stylist that will offer a professional opinion and will help me accessorize my appearance. A stylist that will treat a client like a canvas and create a masterpiece is a stylist that is sought after.  It is the best feeling in the world to walk out of a hair salon feeling gorgeous. Having great hair completes a look, whether it is a day at the office, time with friends or a stay at home mom.

A full service salon Davie FL offers a one stop shop for the splendor seeker.   It creates a magical environment that allows a woman to have a gratifying and well deserved experience. If it is nails that she desires, it is available, if it is a facial, it is available.  A salon creates a world that transpires doubt into confidence. It provides woman with a level of confidence that they believe that they can take on anything.  Once the woman has been pampered and the unveiling of the masterpiece on the canvas is revealed, the woman feels stunning and the salon has a repeat customer. Word of mouth is the least expensive advertisement, but once a stylist in a salon makes a woman feel incredible, she is likely to tell everyone about her experience and thus business will increase.

Nail Design – A True Art Form

The art of nail design is often questioned.  Is this truly art?

Nail technicians would argue that the product that they create is indeed art.  It is reflection of the talent that the nail technician possess, but in a salon, “getting your nails done” is so much more than that.  It is an experience.  It is a revitalizing experience that can take a woman from being stressed and frazzled to being tranquil and happy.  Nail art can add dimension to an outfit and complete the outfit.

Nail art communicates a style and a personality for the woman.  It allows a woman to feel exceptional.  Not only does this service make a woman feel fantastic, it has health benefits as well.  Since your hands are exposed to the elements of dirt and grime, a professional manicure rids your hands and nails of this filth and exfoliates the skin.  Ridding your skin of these dead skin cells aids in making your skin smooth and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally while your hands are being messaged, this motion creates relaxation for the woman, but it also increases blood circulation which could reduce pain.

The mental health benefits that a manicure or pedicure produces for a woman that is suffering from stress is astounding. I know that my busy day to day routine can be overwhelming sometimes and taking some “me time” is not on the agenda sometimes, but taking the time that you need is essential for healthy living.  When I return to deal with the stressors in my life, I can have a fresh perspective and be more rejuvenated to handle things.  Being in a salon atmosphere and engaging in conversations that divert your attention away from what is causing you stress can be beneficial as well.

Having a salon experience and engaging in a therapeutic experience such as a manicure and pedicure has great benefits both physically and mentally.

How to Protect Your Hair from Blow Dryer Damage


A blow dryer can reach temperatures that literally burn your hair. Many people do not know this, and then wonder why their hair doesn’t seem to look nice, despite doing just about anything to make it look good. The following are some of the ways you can blow dry your hair without damage.

Choose a Quality Blow Dryer

You get what you pay for with hair dryers. Purchase a blow dryer that has various settings and comes with a diffuser. This will ensure the dryer will not produce damaging levels of heat.

Divide Hair Into Sections

Instead of drying your entire head all at the same time, divide it up into sections. Dry the bottom section first, the sides, and finally the front of your head. This will keep your hair from getting too hot because of heat hitting the same dry sections.

Use a Round Brush

As you blow dry, be sure to use a round brush. This will separate the hair, so each strand gets some of the heat. This will dry your hair much faster and of course, safely.

Use the Diffuser

The diffuser is meant to protect your hair from the blow dryer’s heat. It does exactly what it says – it diffuses the heat. While it can be a bit clunky to use, it’s worth getting used to for the sake of your hair.

Apply Products

Many products on the market today will protect your hair from the heat a blow dryer emits. Use it before you start blow drying and your hair won’t suffer as much as you blow it.

Don’t risk the beauty and health of your hair with the damage blow dryer can have on it. Use these tips to protect your hair every time you blow dry.

How to Avoid Split Ends


Split ends damages your hair. It starts with just a little split, and then the next thing you know it’s taking over. Fly aways become a problem, and your hair just looks drab.

The reason people get split ends is because of damage to the cuticle. This happens from washing, combing, styling, and all of the other rigorous actions people do to their hair.

The good news is you can prevent split ends. Read More

Fall Hair Colors to Consider


fall-foliage-209219_1920The fall season is almost here, and that means many people will want to change their hair color to more of a fall color. The following are some common hair colors that clients request during the falls season.


Auburn is a brown hair color with a reddish tone. People like this because brown is characteristic of turning leaves and the red is also the color of some of the leaves. It just goes right along with the colors that you would typically see in the fall. Read More

Side Bangs – Yes or No?


shoulder-length-31122_1280Side bangs are in right now, but they aren’t for everyone. Knowing if it’s right for you will help you decide if you should take this step towards Bangsville.

Large Forehead

If you have a large forehead, side bangs can help. With bangs, you can hide your forehead and with the bangs tucked behind your ear, it will appear as though your forehead is small. Read More