What to Look for When Choosing a Hair Salon Davie FL


When choosing a new hair salon Davie FL, there are many things to consider. Hair styles can be expensive and you want to make sure you get what you pay for. What would one look for to ensure you get your money’s worth? Here are few things to keep your eye out for when choosing a hair salon that could lead to a long-lasting relationship with a stylist.

Location can be a key element if you’re looking for the most current hair trends. If the hair salon is located in an upscale, fashionable neighborhood, then chances are you will receive a fashionable hairstyle. Keep in mind these types of hair salons tend to be busy and on the expensive side. If you’re looking to save money and receive personal attention, then choosing a hair salon in this type of neighborhood is most likely not for you.

Do some detective work if you are still unsure which hair salon would be a perfect fit for you. It really doesn’t take much time and could be very beneficial. Do a little stakeout outside the hair salon and watch customers as they exit the facility. Pay attention to the quality of their hairstyles. If you keep seeing the same hairstyle on customer after customer, then chances are the stylists are limited on their abilities. If you like what you see, then go into the hair salon and take a quick peek at the cleanliness of not only the working area but the reception area as well. A hair salon does not need the latest gadgets, but a clean floor, work space, and front desk shows pride in their work. Lastly, look at the hairstyle of the stylists themselves. They most likely had their hair styled by a co-worker or personally styled it on their own.

There are several things to look for when choosing a hair salon. If you take the time and do a little research, your efforts can go a long way. These tips can help you decide what to look for when choosing a hair salon and can help you find the right fit for you.

What’s In for Fall at the Hair Salon?


If you’re headed to the hair salon this fall, and want a style that’s all the rage, you’ll definitely want to consider talking to your hair salon Davie FL about a falling leaves color melt or balayage. While this may sound like a child’s art project, rest assured—it isn’t. Instead it’s among the most requested color options on clients with chin length hair or longer this season.

So what is a color melt or balayage? It’s a hair color method that—when the colors grow out—appear natural, and don’t develop an obvious root. Created in Paris back in the 1970s, the process is just recently taking hold as a popular style in the United States. The word itself means “to sweep” and is indicative of the way the colors are applied to a client’s hair. The colors are painted on the hair by steady, skilled hands, using a sweeping motion. The color is applied lightly at the base and heavily at the tip.

This fall, stylists are applying a color melt (balayage) in rich, vibrant fall colors, reminiscent of fall foliage. Those not wishing to be quite so bold are opting for a range of caramel colors.

Do note that this process takes quite a while to perform. You won’t be in and out of the salon in an hour, so plan the day of your appointment accordingly. It’s well worth every second spent there, however, as you’ll emerge with a healthy, shiny style that reflects light and exudes a sense of sexy, classy style.

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Treating Yourself to a Beautiful New You


It’s time to take care of yourself by getting a hair cut, blow out, color, or something else that will change your look. When you change your look, you change your outlook on life, and that’s exactly what you should do.

At our hair salon Davie, FL, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We want you to look beautiful when you leave us, and believe you do.

When you come into our hair salon Davie, FL, let us know what you are looking for as far as a look is concerned. If you have a picture, please show it to us. It makes it easier to make give you exactly what you’re seeking.

We are always trying out new styles and cuts, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you would like us to try. We have some of the most experience stylists in the area at our hair salon, Davie FL, so we are confident you will get the look you crave.

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It’s easy to schedule an appointment our hair salon, Davie, FL. Just call us today and we will get you in at your convenience. We know you’re busy and we want to make it possible for you to get in your beauty time when it’s best for you. That’s why we always work with our clients to ensure they can get the beauty time they need when they need and want it.

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What to Color Your Hair for the Fall


Coloring your hair for the fall is all about warmer tones. Though you probably introduced some sun-kissed highlights for the summertime, now it’s time to think about honeys, browns, and reds in order to really light up the night in the upcoming autumn months at our hair salon Davie FL.

Darker Blondes

One great way to get your blonde hair ready for the fall is to go a shade darker with our hair salon Davie FL. You don’t have to go full-on brunette, but introducing some darker tones into your hair can make you stand out in colder climates, which will get you noticed just like you were in the summer.

Deep Reds

Go for a deep red by adding cinnamon tones to a lighter color. And, if you’re really feeling adventurous, go even more intense by creating a fiery red and give yourself some color. It will really make you look warm and inviting during these cooler months.

Warm Browns

If you have brown hair, try introducing some warm, chocolate tones. Colors like mahogany are definitely likely to pop during this time of the year and to rejuvenate your hair.

Crazy Colors

Are you bold, daring, and dying to try something new? Well, there’s no time like the present. Though many stylists tell their clients to stick to browns and warm tones during the fall, there’s nothing wrong with trying something totally offbeat, like blue or pink. This kind of option will really get you noticed, especially when paired with muted fall clothes like sweaters and scarves.

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Get Your Hair Dyed Professionally at a Salon


Many people like to dye their hair at home, but having this process done at a professional salon is much safer for your hair and, in most cases, turns out much better in the long run.

Salons Use Safe and Expensive Chemicals

When you get your hair dyed at a salon, you know only the safest and most professional chemicals are being used. It’s difficult to know exactly what you’re putting on your head when you get your hair dye from a box at the grocery store, so come to us, and we will explain the entire process and what we are using as we go through it.

You Can Get Exactly What You Want

Many times, the color on the box isn’t the one that ends up on your head. And we know you want to be able to choose your color as accurately as possible. If you decide to have your hair done at a salon, your stylist can mix colors in order to create the perfect shade for the look you want.

Color That Lasts

Often, colors that come in a box offer a quick option for those who want to see a change fast. This also means the color probably won’t last very long, causing you to have to constantly keep dyeing your hair in order to keep the color you want. At a salon, you’ll always find color that lasts so you’ll know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Why You Should Get Your Perm at a Professional Hair Salon


Though there are many at-home perm kits that say they will give you perfect curls at a minimal price, it’s a much better choice to get your hair permed at a professional hair salon Davie FL.

 Perms Are Tricky

Getting a perm is a serious treatment. The results of it will likely last for a long time, longer than a simple cut or color. And despite what the box of the at-home perm kit says, they’re not easy to get right. When you decide you want to get a perm, it’s better to leave it in the hands of a professional rather than to try and save a few bucks by doing it yourself.

 There’s More Than One Kind of Perm

A hot perm causes loose waves and a natural looking curl while a cold perm uses less heat but requires more styling long-term. Because there is more than one type of perm, it’s a good idea to discuss the pros and cons of each with someone who has been doing perms for a long time.

 Your Stylist Can Give You Their Professional Opinion

You may be dead-set on a certain type of perm, but it’s also important to consult a professional. They may be able to tell you your hair will respond better to a different type of perm or that your hair is currently too damaged for this treatment. Whatever the case, they will be able to give you an honest, professional opinion from their years of experience.

Bringing Your Whole Family to the Hair Salon


When you need to make a trip to the hair salon Davie FL, it doesn’t mean you can’t still spend time with your loved ones. Next time you go out to get your hair done, bring the whole family along for a fun day out!

 Treat Your Man

Many men only go to get their haircut when they absolutely have to, but going to a hair salon Davie FL can be a fun and relaxing experience. Ask your honey to come to the salon with you and get him the works: a shampoo, a cut, and a blow dry. Some salons will even provide a shave as well like in old timey barbershops.

 Bring the Kids Along Too!

Making sure the kids get their annual haircut at hair salon Davie FL doesn’t have to be a chore. You can talk to them beforehand about how they want to look and perhaps even compromise on a change you can both enjoy. Hair stylists often have games, magazines, and other fun things for kids to play with while they wait for their cuts and even to distract them while they’re in the chair. And since you know your little ones are occupied, you’ll be able to enjoy your cut in peace.

 Show Off Your New Dos Together

After you all finish getting your new looks, go out as a family to a restaurant or a movie and show them off. Going to the salon can actually be a great family day and give everyone something new to smile about.

The Colors That Are Rocking Hair In 2017


No longer just found in the big box of Crayola crayons—beautiful simmering iridescent and dark bold colors are being seen more and more in people’s hair at hair salon Davie FL. No longer is brown, blonde, black and red the focus of hair color hues.

Hot Colors in 2017 for Young to Old

In 2017—pearlescent, blorange, Millennial pink and hues combining amethyst, navy and mermaid blue have taken over the hair scene at hair salon Davie FL. From teenagers to grandmas, these new looks are hot and in demand coast to coast!

Some are opting for lavender roots or the overgrown roots look, while other girls and ladies are asking for blended ombres, color bleeding and having their hair ends dipped in their favorite unconventional color—just to achieve the hair look they dream of rocking this year at our hair salon Davie FL.

The pearlescent hair color gives a glossy, cool finish to the hair and works on numerous shades of blonde—all the way from platinum to gold. Blorange takes the unnatural stand of mixing orange into the hair that turns into a shade which is reflective of a shade between ginger and blonde. And it is gorgeous when done at our hair salon Davie FL! Millennial pink, which can only be described as pretty petal pink, is the color of the year and is being seen on everything from kitchen appliances to hair color and is most definitely a favorite among teenagers.

The gray-blonde color style is a hybrid that is bold and eye-catching. The roots are dark (almost black) and the hair is colored with a phenomenal glossy shade of attractive gray-blonde. Yes, women are purposely dying their hair gray nowadays at hair salon Davie FL!

Hair Colors to Make Your Personality Pop

Other looks hot in demand are the mix and blending of different colors at hair salon Davie FL, including amethyst/navy, mermaid blue, ash, snow white, two-sided bronde, goth brown, crimson, gray-blonde, jade and peach. Don’t settle for last year’s look—get into the hair salon Davie FL today to get your favorite color in your hair.



The Best Time of the Week to Get Your Hair Done


If hair appointments are a regular part of your routine, you’ve probably been faced with a crowded hair salon Davie FL when you arrive.  If the stylist has run into an unforeseen issue with another customer, he/she may not be ready for your appointment.  With some creative thinking, you may be able to avoid this.

Week Day for a Hair Salon Davie FL Appointment

Many of us have to work Monday through Friday, and find it difficult to get our hair styled during the week.  Unfortunately this may be the best time to visit your hair salon Davie FL.  Most people are also at work, so chances are your appointment would go faster with fewer clients waiting.  If you have some flex-time you may be able to extend your lunch hour, or leave a little early.


If you have no alternative other than a weekend appointment at a hair salon Davie FL, you could try to be the first one your stylist sees in the morning.  Another great option is to find out when your stylist takes his/her lunch, and book the first appointment afterward.

Strategy Pays Off

Planning ahead can sometimes be well worth it.  Think outside the box, and you just may find you’ll be able to get in and out of your appointments more quickly.

Contact us today for an appointment at our hair salon Davie FL. We are ready to help you get your hair done any time of the week. We can help you choose a time that fits into your schedule.

How to Prepare for a Hair Appointment


Your hair is a major part of your identity.  We all like to feel like we look our best, and the infamous “bad hair day” can make a huge difference between a good or bad day.  If you’re thinking it may be time for a change, or just need a touch-up at a hair salon Davie FL, a little thought beforehand can go a long way.

What Style Do You Want from your Hair Salon Davie FL Location?

A stylist can only go by what you say, and your description of your ideal hairstyle can be misunderstood.  Look through some magazines for pictures of hairstyles you really like.  Take those with you to show the stylist at the hair salon Davie FL.  He/she can advise you which ones will compliment your face, and make you feel great!

On a Budget?

One way to keep your hair salon Davie FL cost lower is to shampoo and condition your hair ahead of time.  This is something you do each day anyway.  Then there’s one less service the stylist has to do, so you won’t pay as much.  If you can color your own hair, that would be another huge money saver.

Creativity Can Make a Difference at a Hair Salon Davie FL Appointment

These tips can help you save money.  Implement similar strategies in other areas of your life.  You’ll know you’ve done all you can to make each day the best it can be!

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